Plagiarism Alert

We recognize the value of creators’ effort and ideas, and respect their rights over what they have created. We expect the same respect from others for our work.

The Fractals Workshop and its teaching methods and outcomes are copyrighted intellectual property of Takbir Fatima and DesignAware, and cannot be legally taught by any individuals or institutions other than Takbir or DesignAware.

If you find anyone teaching the workshop without the involvement of Takbir or DesignAware, or claiming ownership of the Fractals Workshop, please let us know (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

We have spent a decade constructing this design research and finessing the teaching systems along with hundreds of participants and collaborators all over the world. While we believe in open source sharing of knowledge, creative authorship and ensuring that our original work is recognized and not plagiarized is also important to us.